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SummerCon 2006 is fini! Thanks for coming!

Well, all, it's Tuesday again, and one full week later, summercon is over! If you haven't completed your story yet for the Blame Someone Else Day Challenge, please link ASAP.

Thanks to *everyone* who did anything to get involved in this community--wrote something for it, pimped it, made something (good *or* purposefully bad! *eg*), came to chat, let me brainstorm with you, uploaded something for a fellow fandom member, betaed a story for someone here. We have over 200 people who friended this place in less than a week, dozens of stories written, dozens of manips and postcards and uploads and new people to watch out for on LJ.

I sincerely hope that everyone had as much of a blast as I did, and I'm thinking two things:

1) That we should have this every year, so yeah, thanks for being great guinea pigs. *g* I hope to come up with something bigger and better for 2007. It can be our online VVC or Escapade every year. It's not the same as meeting in person, true, but it can be truly made into the very next best thing. Next year, this will be hosted in August or September, so keep an eye out!

2) That there should be a regular AIM chat for anyone who is on livejournal and in some fandom. We had a great group of 20 tonight, and people liked the idea of more to come. So I will be hosting a regular monthly chat, with plenty of head notice for people to attend and just talk about--random things. Very, very, very loosely moderated, and free flowing conversation. I'd host it on IRC, but that tends to be complicated for a lot of people, so we'll see how this goes.

Now, congratulations to thefannishwaldo! Your entry postcard featuring Rodney with a sex change won! E-mail me at so I can get you some details on your prize. *g*

And finally, I like to poll at the end of any project I run to see if there's anything I can do better next year, or something you thought went badly this year that I shouldn't do again, etc. So, suggestions box!

Any suggestions for SummerCon 2007?

The Con Master List --

Day 1:
Hodgepodge Challenge
Day 2:
Supernatural and Veronica Mars ClipsFest (locked to comm members)
Meta Session: Attribution Theory and Shipping by iseult_variante
Day 3:
Bad Manips (and the stories that love them anyway) Challenge
Bad Manips (and the stories that love them anyway) Challenge, second half
Bad Manips (and the stories that love them anyway) Challenge Story Master List
Day 4:
Online Zine
SGA and Prison Break ClipsFest (locked to community members)
Blame Someone Else! Challenge
Day 5:
Buffy and Prison Break ClipsFest (locked to community members)
Multi-Fandom PostSecret Challenge
DownloadFest (locked to community members)
Day 6:
Post Secret Challenge Nominations
Day 7:
Post Secret Challenge Winner
Open Fandom Chat on AIM

And with that, this con is closed. :D
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Voting for postcards, and blame someone else pieces due today!

I took those that had the most nominations out of the initial nomination poll--thanks to those who filled it out! *g*

Vote for you one favorite postcard among these nine!

1) Supernatural by Saya415
2) Carson watches House by thefannishwaldo
3) Rodney, born a girl by thefannishwaldo
4) SGA RPS by lovelokest
5) SGA Surfboard by cpt_untouchable
6) SGA Wraith Food by cpt_untouchable
8) Smallville, A man can fly by 7timesfate
9) Smallville by miche_connor

Blame Someone Else Day is missing half a few more of its stories, so just a (very!) friendly reminder to:


that your stories are due today! Since this was more of a reciprocal type challenge, please be sure to get those in! :D

Wrap ups will be posted tonight, and don't forget, we're having an open fandom chat on AIM! Sign up here!
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Nomination Round --

Post Secret Challenge

More than a couple dozen postcards were submitted for the Post Secret Challenge. Nominate your *one* favorite postcard! The nominees will be pooled and ranked, and I'll throw them in a poll in 10 hours or so, so vote early!

ETA: Nominations are closed, go vote in the final round!

Nominate your favorite (ONE!) postcard! Just link the thread and describe the card if there's multiple ones in a comment.

Don't forget that your Blame Someone Else and Manip stories are due today!
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Everything so far! And AIM chat Monday night!

Some notes:

1) Zine authors and readers --I'm not sure why the comments are winding up here--all of the thread links are correct on the zine so I'm a little stumped. *g* But you might want to check out the second page here and see if you can discern that a wayward comment is meant for you, or if you're a reader, that your author got your comment.

I'm sorry for any confusion! And if they are somehow...ending up on the right threads and the format is just wonky, let me know, because--yeah, it just doesn't seem right there.

2) I've decided that both the Blame Someone Else Day Challenge and the Bad Manips Stories challenges will have all their submissions due by Monday, so that I can post a wrap up for our con experience on Monday evening. Ignore any past deadlines I said, we're going to run SummerCon through the weekend here so people have some time to catch up and write in the challenges they'd like to. The Post Secret Challenge will close at 11:59 p.m. my time (CST) tomorrow evening, so I can throw up the nomination poll. If people want to enter postcards after that, that's great, but they won't be eligible to be nominated for our "Best of Show" mini-competition. *g* There will be no further new challenges, so hop in to wherever tickles you!


We'll be having a chat Monday evening to just kind of--squee about fandom in general, meet some people, and maybe do a communal group-watch of some clips that were up in the ClipsFest. I'll try and impose some sort of order, but--yeah, it'll be interesting if more than a few of you would like to show up. I'll post a reminder on Monday evening, but it'll be at 9 p.m. CST, on AIM, and my AIM handle is svmadelyn. Please fill out this poll with your *AIM* screenname, and if you're online at 9 p.m., I'll send you an invite! If you're planning on coming, please try really hard to be online at 9, because it's hard to pull everyone in when people are IMing you, and you're trying to keep track of the chat yourself. *g*

If you see me online, invite me to the chat on AIM Monday evening!

And finally, for your reference, everything that's happened so far! All the Bad Manips and Blame Someone Else Master Lists have been updated.

Day 1:
Hodgepodge Challenge
Day 2:
Supernatural and Veronica Mars ClipsFest (locked to comm members)
Meta Session: Attribution Theory and Shipping by iseult_variante
Day 3:
Bad Manips (and the stories that love them anyway) Challenge
Bad Manips (and the stories that love them anyway) Challenge, second half
Bad Manips (and the stories that love them anyway) Challenge Story Master List
Day 4:
Online Zine
SGA and Prison Break ClipsFest (locked to community members)
Blame Someone Else! Challenge
Day 5:
Buffy and Prison Break ClipsFest (locked to community members)
Multi-Fandom PostSecret Challenge
DownloadFest (locked to community members)

If you were someone that had told me you might be sending me something for this con, you might wanna send me that by tomorrow.

Otherwise--go! Write! Create your postcards! Upload some things! Download some things! Watch some clips!
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PostSecret Challenge

(Thanks to anna_luna for the banner!)

How does one decide what the final main challenge 'event' is in an online con? Well, she goes with a classic, and hopes it doesn't blow up in her face.

POSTSECRET CHALLENGE ahoy. Luckily, only three people have posting access to this comm, so we won't see a flood like poor sga_flashfic. We're going to try just having every submission to this challenge in the comments section of this post, so that people can scroll through and boggle. (Boggling only happens if there's a lot of really shameful postcards!) PostSecret, for those of you who aren't aware, is this really melodramatic site where people share their deepest feelings.

Now, they're not for *you* to share your secrets; they're for you to share your *character's* secrets. Make them as funny or serious as you prefer, and they do not have to be as emo as our banner, by God. *giggles* Wow, Anna.

Now, I'm going to quote cesperanza, who was quoting helenish for the SGA version of this:

If there isn't an SGA Post Secret Challenge, there should be, just because I think, especially Sheppard is all about super dramatic secrets like "I keep letting women fuck me because I don't know how to say no." and "I've tried to kill myself sixteen times and it never works." and "I've never had good sex." and "Everyone else worries about the people they left behind, but I can barely even remember their names." and all of Rodney's would be like "I'm worried I won't win a Nobel Prize until I'm too old to care." and "No one believes me when I say I can't do things. I'm starting not to believe it myself." and Teyla's would all be "All my coworkers secretly want to fuck me." and "I hate my job but the stars say it's my destiny." and Ronon's would be all "I'm a wraith spy."

Okay, not really. His would probably be all "I don't say much because it helps me get laid more often."

See? See? They can be *funny*. And cute. And AWW.

The rules:

Please head your comments with the name of the fandom you're posting postcards for. Any fandom goes. You may submit up to five postcards *total*, so make 'em five good ones.

Tomorrow evening, I'll put up a poll with a blank box in it, and you can 'nominate' your *one* favorite postcard. I'll let that poll run overnight, pool the nominees, and Monday morning, I'll put up a post with about 5-10 final choices. Then on Monday evening, I'll announce who got the most votes in the SummerCon wrap-up post, and the person who makes the 'best' postcard for us will receive a blank handbound book made by libitina.

Sound good?

Sound doable? YES!

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Hmm. Did you ever notice that if you just slap the word "fest" on a word, it becomes like a party? It's neat, like that. Anyway!

I just had an idea, and if people are game, could be fun! I was thinking that we all have fannish files lying around and half the time, perhaps assuming everyone else has them. Maybe we could have a post later tonight or tomorrow where people can request something fannish related (I'm thinking just things we can trade/offer online because I don't want people coming up and being all, but Madelyn, I traded that woman for Dark Angel and she didn't send me-- and so on. *g*), and if people have it around, they can come on in and help? People can also just throw up a few things they have lying around in the comments for people to take--kind of like a fandom swapmeet.

For instance, I could put up gag reels for the Supernatural DVDs, Century Hotel clips with DH for SGA people, etc., etc.

It's no fun if people don't participate, so if you'd have something you'd either want or could offer, please fill out the poll! *g* If at least 30 people want to do this, I'll put up a post.

Shall we have a download fest?


ETA: 40+ of you want it, so you'll get it! *g* Coming later Saturday.
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Bad Manips (and the stories that love them anyway) Challenge Entries

Please post your links/responses to the Bad Manips and the stories that love them anyway Challenge (note that there is a second post, linked in that one) either in the manip threads or in this post. I'll keep an updated Master List in this post so that people don't have to scroll through all the "my eyes! my burning sweet eyes!" comments.

Stargate: Atlantis:

1979 by ana_grrl, based on the Disco Lorne manips

Down the Rabbit Hole by mahoni, based on manips linked within the post

Stargate: Atlantis RPS

Knowing Joe by velocitygrass, based on this manip
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Blame Someone Else Challenge!

(Thanks to spaggel for our challenge banner! :D)

Welcome to the Blame Someone Else Challenge! This is the first batch of matches--if you still want to sign up, fill out the poll here. I'll check throughout the day and add to this list in increments of 8. If there isn't 8 more sign-ups, well, I'll play it by ear and see, and edit this post accordingly so you know what's going on, if you're writing.

Writers: You can either post in your journal and put a link here, or post in the comments here and link in your journal. Either is fine so long as I see a link/entry of some sort in *this post*, so I can edit it properly to reflect when things are done!

You have until Sunday night (I'm loose in how Sunday night is defined, really--I'll be putting up a wrap up post for the con Monday, so basically--before then) to finish your responses. Any length is welcome, with a preferred minimum of 200 words.


Collapse )
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End of Summer Zine!

This was going to go up tomorrow morning, but eleveninches used the, but "it's tomorrow on the east coast!" line on me and I caved because I already wanted to.

A couple months back, I e-mailed a bunch of authors to see if they wanted to send me something for a little online zine I wanted to put together, anything having to do with summer (even in small, small ways). I told them I wanted something from 500 to 2,000 words and that my only "guideline" for the stories was that they have fun writing them. Twenty-three people submitted stories in multiple fandoms.

slodwick nobly took over the site design, and made it happy and summery, fan_this made the little tiny graphics you see on the page, linzeestyle made the gorgeous main graphic (Slod added the text! I know you offered but--she was there! And you were right about the text. *g*), and like_cheap_wine made covers for several people (sorry I didn't think to ask artists before so everyone could have one but--I learned for next year!)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this--I think it looks beautiful, and the stories are really wonderful.

Happy reading! Please be sure to give feedback to the authors if you enjoyed something!

Congratulations to z_rayne who just won the drawing for the hardcopy zine of this, made by stormheller! I did a random drawing from all the authors who participated. (Do you still have the same address, sug?) One lucky con attendee will be getting the second hardcopy, but I have a Super Sekrit way of deciding who that will be. I'll edit this post to reflect when I have a winner. :D

Authors--feel free to repost your own stories on your LJ or website or wherever anytime after next week Monday.

Prison Break and SGA clips coming up next in the con! And if you still want to play in the Blame Someone Else Day, get yourself over to the poll! I'll edit it to reflect when I'm no longer taking entrants.