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First Challenge: Hodgepodge Challenge

We’ve become increasingly multi-fannish as our f-lists expose us (sometimes, unwillingly!) to different fandoms. This initial challenge in summercon is to celebrate the fact that if we were ever stopped on the street and asked to name a character on television shows we’ve never watched, and win a million dollars, we all totally COULD. It’s also a great meet and greet type of challenge, because I’ve spread the prompts out in random order, so you’ll maybe even stumble across something you didn’t even know you longed to read!

How this works: I’ve set up a *huge* list of prompts that I’m going to post in the comments here. This is essentially the same type of thing as they had over at tigannie con only I niftily changed the name.

The Rules:

1. Pick the drabble/ficlet you want to write (anywhere from 100 words to whatever the LJ maximum is for *one* comment) and claim it. Then post your response in the same thread.

2. All of the prompts must be taken before people can double up on prompts. Bribe/blackmail people on your flist to take something!

3. If you finish a prompt and want to take another one, feel free!

Try to write your prompt within one day of selecting it, since we’re going to be rolling right along on challenges in this community!

Have fun! (And thanks to elli for our banner!)

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